We have yet another art integration here – this panel showing the first primordial signs of actual inking. Starting with the gradiant fills, now the inking, a little bit more polish on the lines… I think we might get somewhere with all this someday.

Technically this isn’t the first time I did shines on skin – those were featured quite early, if later dropped. While I’ve started introducing more color to the backgrounds, there is no getting away from they are still at best crude backdrops – a big goal in the future will to work more with my story boarding and general concept design to hopefully get better at showing the characters IN their environment, rather than what I typically do of drawing characters than putting up backdrops… We all gotta have goals!

Speaking of goals, I introduced a new Patreon reward (limited to 2) for people that want featured ~125×125 ad place on the webcomic sidebars… for as long as they hold that reward tier its theirs! With a guaranteed no price increase of that tier until January 2016.