At long last I present to you… a comic! Proof that I’m not dead! Yet!

I may have forgotten how to draw… took awhile to relearn this much. Not sure I’ll be able to draw action scenes anymore… guess we’ll find out soon. … Does that count as a spoiler??

Arkady may have acquired some demons that aren’t the red construct type with too many arms. To be fair, seeing the result of Ila rampaging through various things isn’t really easy on the stomach in general, given that her main tactics are various forms of “blast to bits” and “blast to smaller bits”. Most of the characters in the comic are… not normal people. Arkady hardly qualifies as normal either, but he might be better adjusted than most of them.

Brave is not the word Arkady was going to use originally, but he decided that sounded better…

Not going to make any promises, but so far March looks decent for update schedule. Not going to go twice a week until we have a buffer though, so I’ll focus on a buffer first if I can get ahead of the post schedule. It sounds like I’ll have another week of travel for work coming up unless I get virus’d in, so we’ll see how that goes.

Appreciate the patience and sorry about the long wait!