So… this is back on time, but I think it’s fair to say after the schedule issues of the past week, the majority of people would prefer that the updates a buffered and scheduled, even if it means missing update or two. I don’t know, I didn’t run a poll on it, but that’s the feeling I get from the comments. So, I think today and Thursday will be normal, and if I can’t make up a buffer update someday during that, I will take either one or two updates off the next week to install a shiny new buffer, and will work to maintain that. Historically speaking, this has not proved to be successful, but just because I can’t do something historically doesn’t mean I should give up on… just ask the art department of the comic. Things still get drawn.

I’ve also come up with a bold new solution to my grammatical inability to use words. That is to say, don’t. While obviously a joke, this page is also not really one I put up lightly, and I will promise that at least nothing on it is copy-pasted 😉 . If I’m going to make you sit through a page of Arron staring at a door, I’m at least going to draw a whole damn page of Arron starring at a door. It’s only fair. 😛

PS. I am aware that Arron switches the hand he’s hold the device in. That is intentional! There’s a reason for that, but I understand that it’s not really clear that he pulls it out with his right hand before switching it to his left hand to leave his right hand free again.

We’ve got new Patreons! Many thanks! I’m always beyond pleased to see new faces there, and amazed and grateful that people support this little venture; I don’t have anything intelligent to say, beyond rehashing the same trite line that I would like to put more content up on Patreon. I do manage to get a few sketches, silly things, and other sorts up there each month, and if you’re at a request tier for the month of March, be sure to get your request in soon! A sincere thanks to all that Patreons, new and old.