So off the bat let me say this page’s art is a little different, and probably a little rougher. With the start of the next chapter I’d intended to switch the lineart and inking into Manga Studio 5 from photoshop. You can see from the current vote incentive and this page the new lineart, which, while still a very much work in progress, is a good bit smoother than the old stuff.

That said, as I am prone to do, I did the jumping of the gun and decided to switch a page early, but ran into some complications with this page. Anyway,Β I think the sum total of this process will be positive (and is another of the art updates I mentioned coming, with the new magic circles being the other that’s made it in so far… I think that transition went a little better!).

The To Be Continued signifies that this is indeed the end of Chapter 3! … Yes, these chapters are 100% completely arbitrary. Shut up 😑

Anyway it seems that this first contratation has boiled over and steamed off… but the show has just begun! Though I think Peter has learned an important lesson on live performances. He probably spilled his popcorn πŸ™