Comic on time. What do you know. That damn car. I think it’s punishment for avoiding drawing it last few pages…

It’s a lot easier to sneak up on Ila then Mium it seems. Then again maybe she just doesn’t care. Or wanted to prove that she can get out of anything Mium can. Never know with her, she’s a little weird.

The ribbon isn’t actually attached to the IDS Agent, but it is achored him in Eidos, otherwise it wouldn’t actually hold anything. Ila’s green ethereal hand (and most of the simply shield like walls we’ve seen) are the same way; you can anchor them to a spot, but then it won’t follow you as you walk around, and it’s harder to control (since you have to be able to calculate as if you were standing the spot you anchored it). They are not anchored by how heavy the mage is, rather how strongly they can write their magic Eidos.

Should make Thursday’s update, but it might be late.