I like to think the IDS manual for interactions with native enforcement services starts with “Be a dick. ALWAYS be a dick. It is vital that you appear disrespectful and condescending at all times toward local enforcement services, no matter what their rank, numbers, or strength”. It takes a certain arroganceΒ to piss more people off when half your squad is already down. Well. Unless the title isn’t just for show…

Hey. That’s a shade of blue we haven’t seen in a long time.

I regret the background to this panel. I wanted to work on making backgrounds better… but frankly there isn’t much to draw in the background.

I played around with hair shiny-ness again. I dunno. This method looked aright with sketches, but frankly doesn’t apply well to the current characters. I dunno. I’ll figure something out. For the mean time hair will remain an issue.

Edit: Hahaha I corrected the spelling error before anyone could tell me about it! … Unless there is another… πŸ™

Edit 2: There was another… πŸ™ Thanks eldestdawn πŸ™‚