Arron’s thought process is a little extraneous, but I decided to include it. He was definitely aware that one of the bigger threats of Peter running around is just how much information he could leak if he set his mind to it, and this has probably played a roll in his reluctance to try too hard to pin Peter down – unless you are confident you can catch the whole plot in one go, the plot fragments left behind could be more dangerous than whatever he was doing in the first place.

That, and it’s fair to say he has his own concerns about the IDS considering whose currently standing across the hall from him… 😐

Of course, it is also important to note that Arron, while fairly clever, is an imperfect narrator. He’s operating on more than a few assumptions, especially his previous epiphany that Peter has access to a interdimensional gate, something that troubles him greatly but we’ve seen only circumstantial evidence of (Kyle’s drone being the primary one).

Anyway, I’m unfortunately pretty sick. I think it’s just a stupid cold or something, but have a fever and a headache all day. Blarg.

Since I was behind on my various tasks, I decided that I’d make the next Patreon incentive up to you guys – the votes determined that’s going to be a plot based expansion of the story (like minus years), but I’ll put up another vote when we hit about what part of the timeline it should expand – we could do more prequel minus years with Kally and Peter, meeting some more of the IDS CI staff and following their early exploits and how they ended up like they are (…eventually) or we can explore a different piece of the timeline. It’ll be the same deal where it’ll be weekly to Patreon, but they will probably be smaller pages – maybe more comic strip like, so it’s something that can actually be delivered weekly 🙂