This one was definitely a bit rushed, hopefully it’s more or less fine. I don’t like drawing comics in one long session as I tend develop blind spots when working on something for a bunch of hours in a row, things out of place you just stop seeing, etc. But I also didn’t want to trail this into the middle of the week, as we really need to get back to at least 2 comics a week.

I don’t think this page… entirely answers the question… who is Arron Kepler? But perhaps more information, if not the most reliable source of it.

I may or may not be able to fix any errors until pretty late tomorrow, so if so I apologize in advance for not getting back to you promptly if you find something 😐

Fair warning, below this point ranting got away from me again…….

I always say things will be better soon, but work and life always conspire against my comic drawing time to make a liar of of me. I suspect that if by some miracle my current work projects stabilized, they’ll just give me a new dumpster fire, but I may have leveled my pessimism recently, and I’m still dealing with moving houses, etc, etc. Bleh. They gave me new developers at work. Don’t worry, they say, these guys are senior level. Have they ever coded before? No? Oh. Senior level. You didn’t mean senior level developers, just “senior level” something. It turns out you can just call non-developers developers and bam you have more developers without having to hire actual developers! Genius! They will save big money now. They are so smart.