I think in general Nathan & Tom will probably show mostly during intermissions, perhaps at some point I’ll expand on what their are doing. For now they sort have collided with plot at the Atter-point, so checking in with them occasionally has merit. Next update we’ll see another Intermission only character…

I imagine it’d be fairly hard to hear while falling like that, but I rendering the whole conversation as shouting would probably just be… sort of annoying.

I will note that just because it appears that – as Tom says – Providence may have had a point this time, exactly what Nathan refers to as “Providence” actually is is up for some debate. Nathan is one of the few mages we’ve seen that comes from an older tradition of the supernatural – while he’s not particularly old (as he’s only a handful of years older than Kally), he comes from an older tradition, and consequently his relationship with magic is frequently a little different than we’ve seen. While the underlying mechanics may be similar, a lot about how they interact comes from the… user interface. While Nathan obviously *can* do magic without using an incantation (like here), he would tell you it’s sort of inferior. Modern mages tend to see someone like his as archaic and a tad weird, but on other hand, he’s Nathan Summers, so they tend to view him as archaic, weird, and probably having some sort of point even if they don’t understand it.

I’m aware that Tom’s mangling of language tends to vary a bit, and to an extent that is intentional. Though we haven’t seen it much, he can talk normal. The way he normally talks like this is an attempt render a rather peculiarly rustic accent that is a bit hard for most people not used to him to understand.

Why does Tom think his crowbar survived? Eh, crowbars are pretty sturdy. Why wouldn’t it survive an explosion and a tad of crashing shuttle. What a strange question.