Uh… Happy 2020 everyone?

…I seem to have missed a comic, and I’m not entirely sure what happened. I don’t think I was that drunk on New Years Eve but somehow it’s time for the next comic already, and I just sort of finished the last one. Realistically I think the issue was that I mentally associated “two days off of work” with “two days free to work on the comic” and that ended up very much not being the case for either Christmas or New Years… they were both very strange weeks with having 2 days off in the middle that ended up being in many ways less comic-productive than a typically work day.

Anyway; I don’t think it’s realistic to make up that lost comic now, so we are going to call this the comic for the 5th.

I know that my schedule has gotten spotter here, and it’s a trend I’ll do what I can to reverse. My interest in working on comics (and this comic in particular) hasn’t really waned; if anything, I still try to figure out every few months if at what point I can “retire” to a life of drawing webcomics and working on my other hobbies… thanks to some of my other hobbies that’s not that unrealistically far off potentially, but also a not quite there yet either; I guess I’m trying to say that I wouldn’t read the pattern spotter schedule as me losing interest, just what it is… I have a lot of things to juggle, and sometimes I drop the ball.

I feel like I shouldn’t promise too much considering, but I do have a good chunk of the next Chapter of Tyler’s story written, as well as another similar thing… well, I’ll say I’m aimming for 2020 with them… that should give me a window I can reliable hit πŸ˜€

Happy New Years everyone, and I’ll keep you all posted with hopefully somewhat reliable comic updates.