Originally I just had Amy changing “Go bug Amy” to “Go talk to Amy”, but when I noticed that I’d spelled it “If its a secret” rather than “if it’s a secret” on the whiteboard I couldn’t resist the meta joke… 😉

Some faces here we haven’t seen in awhile… though probably not the faces that people are impatient to see again. This may be the longest we’ve gone without Naomi or Ila showing up. Maybe I’ll have to do more bonus art to entice patience. I still think I owe a page or two of Minus Years and haven’t put the next Patreon goal because of that yet. I don’t even know what the next goal will be, but I feel we should have one soon.

Ended up not making the most of the spare time I’ve had recently. Was a little less busy than I’ve been, but a little more wasteful with my time in equal proportion… sometimes you’re like “man, I should go spend that time productively” and next thing you know the time you had planned to spend productively has fled into squandered hours. Probably should have applied more sleep and coffee, as the intake of those things seem pretty directly related to productivity.

Also had to spend more time on my D&D groups than usual, as both of them keep running screaming off the rails in the wrong direction. Sandbox games are a pain in the arse to run when your players are morons. 😉