Poor Ryn. The flying yacht was probably pretty nice too. He’s not used to the things he says mattering for long periods of time after he says them. He does marketing, he’s not in the business of actually following through (… no author commentary there… 😉 )

I put a up new painty-thing, this time of Kally. It’s mostly a reminder that I’m not very good at that style of drawing, but its something I’d really like to get better at. While it’s never really a feasible way to draw the comic, I’m always fascinated by people who are good at doing digital painting, so it’s something I try to work at learning from time to time, and I guess it sort it helps define what the characters look like beyond the stylistic limitations of the comic, though… perhaps not so much at my current level 😉 Of course, god knows that I struggle to find enough time to draw the comic let alone get fancy most of the time, but it’s still good to have hobbies (<- This statement is sarcasm, I have way way too many hobbies).