To be honest, I’m not really sure if this was supposed to be part of the Interlude or the start of Chapter 14, now that I think about it. Let’s go with start of Chapter 14, which makes the Interlude pretty sure, but hey, it’s just a mostly meaningless categorization in my futile attempt to make sense of a chapter structure anyway!

Hopefully it’s fairly obvious these are Arpon Soldiers standing in the wreckage of certain recent events. I considered using the “ui tags” again, but not sure how much I want to use those yet.

I am going to try to reopen the wiki for open editing again. Let’s see how that goes (I expect this will likely be as short lived as the previous attempts, but we’ll see 🙂 ). I will try to update it this week for some of the new characters and things, but I’ve been meaning to do that for awhile, and, well, haven’t, so… no promises.

Last week ended up being pretty busy. Work has been pretty good this year so far, but they found a real… problem case… of a problem to give me last week, and it took up most of my productive thinking cycles to fix that. I’ve mentioned before that raw hours of time is not really the resource required for tracking, but it’s like… kilowatts of motivation? Motivation isn’t quite the right word either… hmm, Caffeinated Thoughts Per Week? The actual useful work hours of a week. We are still ahead on buffer, and now that that problem is mostly solved I have a week before I have to travel, so I think we’ll keep updates steady, but I’m a bit behind on the various tidbits of things I should be doing here and there. I was hoping to update Tyler’s story before I have to travel, but it will certainly get updated during travel, as all those hours in airplanes and hotels aren’t really good for much else.