So, I’ve not forgotten about the Q&A, it’ll go up today (for you reading this, i.e. Monday), just not quite yet, probably closer to the end of the day Monday at this point. I ended up slacking too much during the weekend (okay, I was doing this, but slacking in the making the comic sense of the word) so things still need to be wrapped up the details on that. If you squeak a question in now, it might make it. No promises!

If it’s not clear, the thought bubbles are… hmm, something someone told him. Who? Who indeed…

To be honest, I’d planned doing on intersplicing Mium and Rovak with what’s happening with Tyler and Naomi and Co, but it just didn’t really work, so we effectively did two half pages of this scene and we’ll get two half pages of the other scene soon… if that makes any sense. Basically. I only mention this because I think I referenced that we’d see why Tyler’d been added to the last page in the next page, and this makes me a liar liar pants on fire.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention we broke that $150 barrier on Patreon, and have a record 27 patrons. Holy crap guys. I really got nothing to say here, besides that that’s amazing, and ya’ll are the best. I have a bit of a more active sketching schedule for that planned. We are definitely overdue for a goal, so… hell, maybe I’ll just try and put something already hit up, because god damn it’s an amazing thing that’s got to be celebrated somehow. This goes beyond the simple upness of goodness! I’ve spent a paragraph here trying to say what amounts to…. “thanks!”; but really, it does mean a lot and I appreciate it to no end.

Anyway… I really should be asleep, so g’night (I’ll try to swing by in the morning before work to get the inevitable spelling fixes…. 🙂 + 🙁  )