Ah… Peter… You know what, that may be how he genuinely thinks it works… 😐

Naomi’s thought bubbles amuse me. While she is far more intelligent then some (including her) may suspect, she does tend to have a bit of singular focus as at times. Interrupting her own thoughts seemed appropriate, but I think it also’s helped build out how she works.

Apparently she can run both “LandOnFeet.naomi” and “HitBall.naomi” at the same time though, so at least the do things part of the brain is multithreaded…

It seems this sort of thing just happensΒ for her. I like to imagine she’s as confused as anyone else as to how she landed on her feet in panel three. “Uh oh, falling. Better reorient the world” -> bam, on feet. Still, a useful skill.

How will Naomi take it this for an ending to the match? What did Kally even do? We shall soon see. Maybe. πŸ˜€

I made this page way too complicated from an art side – even if they are all fairly simple, 14 panels is definitely more then I can handle in a page. Made art a little rushed (yes, yes, still making excuses, it’s what I do πŸ˜› )