Going to be honest here, this page was a little more than computer could deal with. It’s been dying for a bit, and an effects heavy page like proved a wee much for me. It crashed no less than 3 times trying to edit this page from RAM running out and photoshop not liking that. I do save pretty often so never lost more than like 5-15 minutes of work, but it’s not my favorite thing ever to keep redoing things like that, so the final effects are sort of a… compromise. I wouldn’t give them too much thought if a few them aren’t the same as normal, but in the spirit of that I’ll not that mana that Saraine is controlling has a faint tell-tale green glow to it, but it’s fairly hard to see (it is most of it), with some obvious exceptions.

My computer has been dying for awhile, but I keep kicking actually replacing it down the road and that’s going to bite me in the arse here. It always seems like a shitty time to try buy new parts right now, but somehow keeps getting to be a worse time to be buy new parts than it was a month ago somehow.

As for the person shooting themselves, we’ve seen Kally do that before… though last it was with a tennis ball in her airball match with Naomi. Doing that on bullets is somewhat high risk as they move too fast for most mages to track (Kally probably included) but the point is somewhat moot when you can see the gun. Reversing the momentum of an object (in terms of magic) is harder than stopping it, but not all that much (mostly just harder in that physics is less impressed by the idea of that happening, so it takes more mana, the calculation is of similar difficulty). It is a good bit easier than stopping and re-accelerating it, as you just really need to flip on variable… though physics really doesn’t like doing that so it takes a fair bit of mana and calculation strength to enact a change like that, but those are things Kally has in spades.

Hopefully be on time next week. See you all then.