Page, page, at long last we have a page sighting!

I think the last 1/3 of the page is probably best described as “the scribbling of a caffeinated racoon that got into a meth dealers trashbins” but it’s not really supposed to be too clear what’s going on. Anytime the panel count becomes more fragmented than a shattered mosaic it means “chaotic things happening quickly”.

…now that I think about it, I could just save a lot of time by scribbling squiggly action lines.

On the bright side, I think it would have been worse to put this page up Thursday/Friday than miss Monday’s page, as this way the cliffhanger of sorts there doesn’t last twice as long? I dunno. Speaking of which…

Sorry about Thursday’s page; in the end there just wasn’t a good a way make it up out of time that I didn’t really have.

Last week some people decided to do some dumb stuff involving tools that can bulk update databases. Sort of like how we don’t give babies driver’s licences, I reckon there should be some sort of license for being allowed to use any computer tool that can update more than say… 5 files a time. The test for the licences would be two questions:

  1. Is it a good idea to use this tool if you don’t really know how to use it? The answer is No. Please select one from the following answers:
    1. [Yes]
    2. [No]
  2. Is it a good idea to move tools that aren’t done into production environments “because you want to close user stories”? Please note the answer is the same as the above, and also No. Please select one from the following answers:
    1. [Yes]
    2. [No]

I reckon probably only about 35% of business software users would fail the test, but really, it only takes one.

The short version is there was a night where I got ~2 hours of sleep, and the rest of the weeks sort of snowballed from there, because I didn’t really get to make up the sleep for a few days, so the world was tired and cranky (not me, of course, I would never be tired and cranky, the world, though, it can be tired and cranky…) and had a lot of work to do, as I still had to do the normal work. Now that’s not to say I worked 24/7, but there’s a lot of stuff I’ve committed to in the average week (including the comic) and something had to miss, usually I try to make sure it’s not the comic, but this time things just didn’t work out.

For example roughly half way through the page, my computer crashed. As I’ve lost like 10 pages this way over the course of the comic, this made me assume that I’d lost the page as I hadn’t saved it (I know, I know) and so I stopped working on it that day in a fit of annoyance (as, remember, the world was being tired and cranky). Than I loaded the program the next day and it turns out the newer version that I just recently upgraded to DOES save the page when it crashes, so I didn’t actually lose anything, beyond the time I’d wasted sulking about it.

…anyway. New week. Sorry for ranting! I can’t help it, it’s a empty ranting box that needs to be ranted at. If you have Patreon sketch/painting requests for the month, get them in soon! Month time is ticking 😉