I realize that parts of the comic will be harder to read, the panels at the start are meant to be chattering, that’s not individually importantly, and that Mium’s aggregated answers is somewhat difficult to follow is sort of the point.

To Mium it makes perfect sense, but Mium doesn’t think like a human. Now, Mium is probably capable of understanding that’s not the most helpful way to answer questions, but Mium’s helpfulness tends to vary rather distinctly when it comes to answering questions as we’ve seen. This is just Mium’s latest attempt to fast forward through conversations with humans that don’t fall particularly high on his list of priorities. After all, Arkady’s value to him is being alive, not necessarily well informed, and, as he says, he’s curiously developed some curiosity about this ice cream his sister is obsessed with.

Hope folks had a good Santa Hat Day. I apologize there wasn’t a character poll this year. Unfortunately I’ve been sick pretty much all month. Without getting into the weeds too much, I’m on medication for it now, and I think that might be helping, but it’s still not beaten yet. It mostly manifests as headaches, and having a headaches more or less constantly for a month isn’t the most productive thing ever. On top of that my other job (making D&D stuff) has been eventful recently as we are in the last leg of actually getting things shipped (with the US/CA books finally about to go out), and there’s some unfortunate difficulties that have arisen (the sort of difficulties which need to get lawyers involved, which is a whole different sort of headache).

In very brief (as this isn’t that venue for my complaining about that job) the license to publish 3rd party D&D content is changing (despite being explicitly a perpetual irrevocable license, but at the end of the day, things are only as perpetual and irrevocable as lawyers say they are). Anyway, between that, getting ready for the next Kickstarter (aside from the legal side of it), and finishing the shipping of the last book, I’ve been a little busy, or at least it’s been chewing through what productive time I’ve had lately.

I don’t like to spend this text box complaining and listing out excuses (though there’s always a temptation when one has a text box to do just that) – just wanted to sort of explain what’s going on as I feel it’s probably obvious I’ve been a little distracted this month, and you folks have been around a long time.