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Mium’s tendency to dislike Arron (or, as Mium would put it, the absence of Mium liking Arron) may seem somewhat strange as we don’t see them interact that much, but it’s worth noting that Miko is a fairly large influence on Mium for several reasons, and Miko does not particularly like Arron (though the rationality of this may be mixed). Moreover, as we’ve seen, Mium has restrictions in dealing with Arron that bother him, since he cannot actually stop Arron from doing something like interacting with Miko, which upsets Miko, and Mium does not like things that upset Miko (…generally speaking).

A lot of Mium’s interpersonal opinions are influenced by Peter, Miko, and now Naomi’s opinions of other people. These opinions don’t effect Mium that strongly for the most part, beside pass his interactions with them something of a favorability filter, which is generally represented by how much effort he goes into being polite, helpful, and personable toward them.

Mium is capable of independently forming opinions of people though, and does occasionally, particularly with people he interacts with on some regularity.

This chapters structure is a little weird because I didn’t want to cut Peter and Kally’s conversation, but it also doesn’t really move the plot forward in a direct sense, so I came up with the compromise of just sort of running it along side the updates for the chapter. We’ll see. I tend to like the split the page approach, though I’m mixed if it actually makes things easier or harder to follow.