Ah… okay, this page got away from me a bit, so ran a little over budget on time…

Anyway… Thursday will probably* be a half page again, though I can’t make any promises that I’ll be smart about it. I think this only the second time we’ve seen Mium’s “thought bubbles”; in general we’ve moved to seeing less and less thought bubbles in general, partially because I was simply atrocious at sticking to my Point-of-View characters.

There is actually a reason that both Arkady and Kardus are both not wearing armor here – as we saw with Tyler and the Consul’s Family Mage adviser, wearing armor for a mage is fairly common in the modern world, but Arkady wasn’t really on duty when the attack started, so he was just in his uniform. The soldiers were more armored because soldiers tend to be more paranoid near the front line and rarely fully take off their armor while in enemy territory. Warmages actually do have armor, but both Rovak and Kardus are quite deliberately not “in uniform”.

As some of you may seen, the Wiki is currently locked if you don’t have an account, and you cannot currently make an account. There was an overwelming amount of spam this weekend so I had to shut it down. You can still edit if you arelady made an account, and if you want an account, just email me or leave a comment here and I will set one up for you. I will hopefully unlock in a few days when the spammers have gone and fucked off. I cannot believe it is worth even a bot (or penny-an-hour-human-bot) to put spam advertising links on my wiki. The return on investment for that shit should be zero. At least when the site was hacked, I reckon that was more personally motivated, this just appears to be literally advertising spam. Probably trying to build link-backs to manipulated SEO or some shit – this is why we can’t have nice things 🙁