Kally’s weakness may be close quarters combat, but that is not really a weakness dragons are known for.

I sometimes wonder how much to explain, particularly in these more action oriented scenes. For example, the dragon didn’t miss so much as the Kor’s World Soldier can fly quite well and attempted to evade; the reason the dragon wouldn’t have just blasted him at point blank is that the reaction between dragon fire hitting the Kor’s World Soldier’s defenses would likely have been fatal to a less armored human (Kally) that at that sort of point blank.

I think this page shows the first time we’ve seen “Control” “speak” somewhat legibly. If you don’t count roaring, it’s also the first time we’ve seen the dragon speak.

It’s also the first time that the dragon has been drawn with regular black lines. And the first time Kor’s World Soldier’s armor has been drawn with (partially) red lines. Make of both of those what you will. I will also note that I’m not forgetting to the draw the “spell circle” or “calculation ring” that we saw the first couple times the dragon breathed “fire”.

One really might wonder why I, who has no idea how to draw a dragon, decided to have a reoccurring “character” that is a dragon in the comic. It’s more that the dragon predates the idea of drawing it, and I was stuck with it. Kally’s dragon has been around since the earliest drafts when I just had to write “a dragon”, which turns out to be a lot easier than drawing the thing.

As for why to arms keep being removed… well, you see, they stick out inconveniently… they just tend to be the first thing to go.