I’m going to note that the last two panels are probably mostly artistic licence… 😉 It’s a little more interesting then writing a bunch of database queries or what not 😛

It seems Ila has picked up bad (or at least somewhat hazardous) habits from Mium when it comes to rooftops. Of course, since we’ve seen her more or less fly, it’s probably less dangerous for her then it is for even Mium.

I’ve used the <words> to represent another language. I think that’s what I will try to stick with for now. If I’m going to try to figure out how to represent what language it’s in, I haven’t really decided. Technically speaking, there are quite a lot of languages in play here, but for the most part it’s not that important.

I’ve dropped (or at least put to the side) many of the linguistic differences and idiomatic speech patterns I used for them, but we’ll see if they don’t crop up again if I feel that I can work it in while retaining the characters voice in the dialogue… if any of that make sense 😉

Curiously, I don’t think Tyler has met Mium yet. Their spotty attendance records have not yet overlapped.