Just to be perfectly clear, they are communicating, but there is nothing verbally spoken. This should probably be a pretty good hint to what isn’t really a secret anymore that they are very least slightly more than vanilla human.

Additionally it should be noted these forms of communication happens extremely fast, it is not merely a telepathic conversation.

Both of these characters are among my favorite to write, writing them talking to each other entertains me. It depresses me how little screen time either of them have had. It’s weird to think that there are still less than a hundred pages. We’ll see if we can’t release more bonus pages once the buffer is intact (though there will be no bonus page per patreon at the end of this month on account of the shoulder thing).




As Patreons know, I do a fan art for other comics, two pieces were posted recently:

Over on Data Chasers there is drawing of one of their characters Acantha:


Over on Luna Star there is a drawing of one of their characters Galina:


The are both pretty interesting sci-fi comics done in a 3d model style that’s pretty different from the digital doodling I do 😀

These pieces were suggested for fan art by a Patreon. I like doing fan art as art practice; I post ’em them on Patreon at the cheapest tier and usually link ’em here in comments when/if the owner of the character posts it on their site for everyone.