Sorry people… no April Fools comics and what not… I can barely keep up with normal comics right now.

But we do (technically) have a buffer again, as I posted the full page on patreon, and will do the half pages here. I do hate to split action pages, but I really do like to have a buffer, so these views had to duke it out, and I decided posting the full page and skipping Thursday would be the irresponsible way of living life.

I’m going to be honest here that Kally’s dialogue on this page was originally a tad more serious, but as I was writing it, I had to look in my heart of hearts and decide which would piss Kally off more – telling her you wanted to kill her, or calling her dragon an abomination, and the answer was obvious 🙂

I realize reading now that calling people from Kor’s World “Korish” and one of the factions that exists is called “Orish” is… uh… a bad idea. But it made sense when I typed it she would say it that way, as Kor’s World Monster is a mouthful.

We have actually seen both Kor’s World Soldiers and Kally use the whole “fling a bunch of rubble” attack – the Kor’s World Soldier once buried Naomi that way, and Kally used it again a the remote tank things dropped on Levenworth. The magic is very well suited to Kally due it being a zone of control magic, and is one of her frequent go-to uses of magic when not applying dragons to things. While that sort of magic wasn’t powerful enough to beat Naomi in airball, it probably would have worked better if they were playing with 100 balls. Currently visibility is a tad poor for the sort of longer range attacks people were using earlier, all the mass exploding has sort of made things a mess.

As I’ve mentioned before… hand gestures are entirely pointless, but mages, particularly natural mages, tend to do them anyway. Especially ones that tend to be more dramatic about things like Kally.