Once can make a guess that there may have been a few other humans that experienced rapid projectile deconstruction off screen between the ?! and now. Panel 7 is the somewhat obscured aftermath of what happens when Ila is charge of targeting the HVW strike. When she was firing earlier, she was using a single calculation, as when backed by MYM’s accuracy that’s more than enough to take out a threatening arm or two. Ila generally doesn’t see the point of using just one calculation when a bunch would do the job better, and if you aim for the top half instead of the small parts like arms that stick out, its easier to hit.

Ila may have a rather basic idea of cause and effect. She is probably correct that the number of humans she explodes decreases the chance of her getting ice cream on outing, but her rational may not be entirely correct in why that is, though from her point of view “because now the humans are freaking out and stuff” is basically the same thing if all outcomes lead to decreased chance of ice cream.

The worst part is she’s even had to take several of those shots using her vending machine food-tokens (it became clear that giving Ila large domination bills to buy snacks didn’t work so well after the last vending machine incident), so each humans he needs to use those blast is twice as annoying.

It’s a lot of work keeping a human around. Maybe they make a good excuse to get ice cream. Maybe you have to explode a bunch of goons that keep trying to kidnap them.

Will Ila get her stuff and her ice cream in the end? How many humans will she have to explode just to keep one other human alive and unkidnapped? Only time will tell in this story about the difficult life of I.L.A. F.10. and the case of the annoying humans.

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Word Press comment automated moderation is pretty archaic. I get the impression that it’s sort of a depreciated feature for the most part. At some point most people switched to a social media comment integration or disqus comments, but I remember not liking disqus comments for some reason, so I didn’t switch over when most people did (maybe just because it’d lose the archive, or because you had to log in, idk, but I didn’t like it), so they just expect anyone with a use case of using a lot of comments to just use something else.

Unfortunately a lot of things about the site rely on depreciated tools at this point – comicpress (the theme for wordpress for webcomics) itself isn’t really supported. This is going to make me sound old (…I am old I guess) but generally speaking the standalone wordpress webcomic is sort of old technology at this point. While online comics are still popular, most of them migrated to aggregators, social media, or more specialized site design, but migrating things now seems more trouble than its worth.