… okay now the hair thing is just ridiculous 😛

It’s sort of stylized way to show movement I guess. I dunno why I do things.

This is the first we’ve directly seen the robot use magic – these is a reason for that! Simply put it’s just plan slower than hitting something (but she’s managed to get somewhere it can’t easily reach) and less effective than shooting something (what it was trying to do previously). That said – it’s a point defense spell for pretty much the exact purpose of targeting people that have gotten out of its various targeting ranges. I did say they had a few tricks up their bulky metal sleeves.

I wanted to start the month with a new vote incentive. Unfortunately I’ve been a little busy and didn’t have one. So I cheated! It’s just concept/character are from a video game I’m working on, but I suppose it still counts as bonus art since I drew it 😛

Anyway – off to go be busy more. I may be starting a different job soon, but I don’t expect the comic will go anywhere, but I’ll keep you guys posted if there are any changes.