This page developed a little bit of too-much-word-itis at the end (and the beginning too, for that matter, but that was supposed to be like that). Will try to continue to mindful of such things, but I’ve spent a little longer on this Avon detour than I intended, so doing what I can to wrap it up.

I’m pretty sure no supervillian ever said “we are going to change the world”… oh… wait. Ryn might be onto something, his logic is pretty airtight on that one. I admit that I drug this scene out a little too much, but I did want to include a bit of the Ryn and Iki dynamic early in the story; I feel introducing characters early gives a better sense what their role is as they play it later 🙂 It would have been nice to end Chapter 1 on a Friday thematically, but I try not to let things like that dictate the story…

Now that I think about it I probably should have switched to chapter 2 when we cut from Peter to Avon… would have made more sense. I guess the moral of this story is that these chapter things are pretty arbitrary in ongoing story like this. 🙂

Don’t worry, I won’t use the Chapter 2 cover as an update, it will just be added as a bonus once Chapter 1 ends… in my opinion it’s a lot better than the Chapter 1 cover page! 🙂

Also, I redid my website a little last night – made a few changes then realized that meant I had to edit every comic in the archive… was a late night 🙂 Let me know if you run into any issues. I didn’t like running the ads side by side with the comic, especially when it was getting hard to moderate out the more flashy/spammy kind, so I demoted those ones lower, and that lets me put up a larger page, and you can now “click-to-next-page” which I couldn’t figure out how to do for the longest time… Ideally I’d like to pull a few of them, but currently they are the only thing making any money, so I need to evaluate further which ones are paying off and which ones I can cull carefully.

Edit: I put the chapter 2 cover up as a vote incentive! Vote to see it early! 🙂 … it’s not too impressive or anything, but you were going to vote for us anyway, weren’t you? Of course you were! :p For those that want to see the previous vote incentive for… any reason… as a free Patreon sketch you can see it by clicking “Sketchbook” on the top menu and selecting it from the thumbnails.