It’s not like she wants to make sure Peter is safe from Otte or anything – she just hasn’t gotten to ask him what she wants to know yet. That’s it. She’s not bitter about being replaced at all. After all, he’s off being stupid. Of course. Mmmhmm.

In other news…

There is a new sketchbook image up for the 4th of July – it’s a little early I suppose but if I put it in the commentary to the next update that’d be a little late! Check it out with the sketchbook link above or by clicking here.

I did a little fan art drawing for Piano Tuner’s Niece – you can see it here, but I highly recommend you take a jaunt over to their site and read the comic! It’s not too long currently and has excellent pacing and writing, and well worth a read.  Plus it has adorable hell-hounds* (a feature I attempted to capture in my fan art take)

*adorable-ness not guaranteed. Definitions of adorable may vary. Do not attempt to feed or pet.

Update: New incentive is up; since I realize the text got chopped off, the full incentive text blurb is thus:

“My first thought was that this was requested by someone that lives somewhere very far from where I am in the middle of summer. Then I realized that it was probably just too hot and they had wishful thinking.

Amy’s just happy someone remembered her, even if they put her in the middle of a snowstorm… maybe she likes snow.”

Update: We got a new Patreon; that means there will be a bonus page update tomorrow as well! Be sure to check back! 🙂 And as always, if you want to become a Patreon, get some perks, and prompt a bonus page, you can do so here.