Kally’s hair in the ID photo isn’t as short as it looks, she has it in a ponytail, which isn’t immediately obvious as its worn much lower than, for example, Naomi’s, and less ridiculously side-wise from our purplish-bluish-haired-Magical Security-Branch-girl-whose-name-I-just-realized-I-haven’t-mentioned-in-the-comic-so-shouldn’t-mention-in-the-notes-even-if-that’s-not-really-a-spoiler.

Tyler path to becoming a character is an interesting one. His character evolved out of an earlier prototype of Peter. Though he’s quite different from that Peter (and so is Peter for that matter) he ended up becoming a more central character than I’d planned with a fair amount of parallels to Peter.

Peter’s own character evolved out of a character from an earlier prototype of the comic all together… but that’s a story for a different time.

Poor Peter though, the main character and he’s not even leading in panel time… though I suspect that will change in the long run 🙂