Well. To be fair this is not exactly the first time Mium has decided to avoid someone by jumping off a tall building.

To pre-emptively answer a few questions – she’s been chasing him for a bit now, and probably has tried attacking him several times, but as one may recall she doesn’t have great success with that so far; however, keeping up with him is fairly easy – we’ve seen that she can ‘fly’ (using her acceleration calculation on herself; it’s more like self catapulting besides she can use it again to stop or change direction – just not that many times consecutively as each ones becomes more complicated until you let it reset) for short periods of time so long as she’s out of his range (toย break the magic), let alone her own natural mobility, so trailing him at a distance while he’s in the open would be fairly easy for her.

Why she is talking with actual words… the direct communication probably got turned off as part of trying to improve her security against being shut down; it’s not like you can just wireless beam an error at a prototype, but Mium has many tricks when it comes to messing with F-model prototypes ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yes… I totally cheated making those windows. Not even going to deny that.

Again I ended up just filling the whole vertical space. I’m really bad at this vertical comic thing. I dunno. Still under evaluation.