Well, I said I’d include sound effects once I figured a way to do them that I liked. Not sure it is flawless, but they entertained me, so I included them.

Anatomy, particularly of arms and hands still eludes me.




For those interested in the rules to magic in the comic… Typically you cannot alter a human’s Form in Eidos (plane of information) – or else all mage fights would just end with whoever could turn the other into a frog faster – however, that protection doesn’t apply to altering your own Form in Eidos. The difference between weak Forms, strong Forms, and Key Forms will be likely detailed further in comic at some point.

In brief, weak Forms are things that don’t exist naturally on the material plane – like the shields they create. They still interact with the physical world, but once the flow of mana maintaining stops, it vanishes. Strong Forms are things that exist in the physical world and therefor have a corresponding Form in Eidos – creating or changing these is much harder – with any living things being the strongest typed Forms and incredibly hard to change or create. Key Forms are humans, and detailing too much there would get spoiler-ee.

I’ll probably include little blurbs of world information like that in future commentaries under the second line. Those that don’t care or only want to know what is detailed in the comic itself, beware!