I can hear it now ‘god damnit man, did you just introduce 4 more characters?!’ I can’t help it, there are a lot of people involved.

Well, this comic was buffered, but I haven’t quite finished Monday’s comic yet (I’d guess I’ll finish tomorrow or Friday). Means we aren’t going back to 3 a week, but hopefully a little more stable at 2 for now; going to be out for a week in July, so hopefully will get at least enough to cover that (should be fine).

The dropship continues to evolve, this time hewing slightly closer to the original inspirations for it’s design; though, to be clear, this is a different model then we’ve seen before, more military grade.

I should point out an obvious disclaimer. Armor. I decided a long time ago that I was going to include the armor, but it is definitely outside of the range of things I draw well. It will continue to involve as I figure it out, particular if I can ever make semi shiny surfaces look not ridiculous (though this armor is less shiny the the Kor world armor or even the Orish suit). I also need to figure out how to make hair shiny. … I think I’m getting derailed.