Our story takes place in a series of worlds after the discovery that magic and technology can be used to breach the barriers between them; while throughout history there has likely been such transits, the introduction of consistent and stable gateway technology is triggering a new age.

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The last great piece to the puzzle is Dimensions. The details are not entirely known, but it seems that with careful planning if you change a piece of the Eidos data for a spacial area, it triggers shifting to another Dimension; the tricky part is the First Rule – if the change is incomplete or fails, nothing will happen; additionally, the larger the gate, the more Mana.

There are more advanced ways to bridge that gap – notably a Bridgepoint. A Bridgepoint is speculated to be a highly complicated and specialized autocaster that continually blends the Eidos data make a stable connection – something you can literally “walk into the other dimension” with. This is very complicated and would require a lot of mana to maintain.

While it conceivable that there is a great deal of Dimensions, considering the Second Rule (the greater change being harder to make) it is unlikely a Dimensional Coordinate that is vastly different could be reached in one go; for example if the IDS was “8”, “7” and “9” would be fairly easy to reach, “6” and “10” maybe possible, but beyond that likely wouldn’t be. While they are not linear, it’s a helpful (and possible) visualization of the mechanics. Further, from what’s been seen, the level of challenge to reach the next one is variable – for example it’s fairly easy to cross between the IDS world and [The World Containing Malsa]; in this example they would be “8” and “7”; but there doesn’t seem to be a “6” or “9”; while others can be reached, none are as easy to reach.

For More Information about the known Dimensions, See Worlds.