Dubbed “central” by the Inter-dimensional Security forces, this world is, unsurprisingly, where they hail from. Any other name has yet to be referenced.

Magic is a reletively recent relevatation to the public of this world, and unfortunately was unveiled during cataclysmic conflict with an invasive force of humans from another world known as the ‘Incursion’. Ultimately the struggle boiled down to a conflict between previously hidden magical societies and the invaders, with the rest of the world caught in the crossfire. Drastic military reactions of the nations caught in the crossfire contributed to it’s cataclysmic nature.

They have bounded forwarded with magic technology, developing the most advanced pieces of magical equipment seen outside of Kor’s World, mostly in ‘Autocasters’ and ‘Boost Engines’.

Known Factions Include:

  • Interdimensional Security (HQ, Corporate Affairs, Criminal Investigations, Situation Containment) – a powerful group of self appointed dimensional police.
  • Public Affairs – an orginzation services the governments needs.
  • World Military – a force forged by the incursion that answers to the government.



Both technology and magic has been widespread through history here. Magic and it’s practitioners are both are highly regarded here, but also viewed as dangerous and frequently subject to increased surveillance and restriction, in part stemming from a long history of using magic in warfare. This two-tiered society has been severely disrupted by imported autocasters which blur the lines between innate/natural mages and common citizens with nominal talent.

This world is decidedly not united, and small scale war is fairly common; conflicts between the three superpowers rarely breaks into full war, but many of the smaller wars are fueled by them. This world is major state of flux, as the three major superpowers of this world losing control to international corporations that serve none of them loyally; this has come to a head as many of these corporations joined PACT to work with the IDS, making a formidable power block that only nominally answers to any sovereign power.

Known Factions Include:

  • PACT – A group of many of the largest international (and now interdimensional) corporations.
  • Malsa – A small but fairly prosperous country, raising rapidly in prosperity, many major corporations have a large presence here. A major center of genetic modification, as it is largely legal and only lightly regulated, mostly in that designer children have to be marked by hair and eye color.
  • Avon – A major corporation and purveyor of small electronics, their technology tends to be trendy and on the bleeding edge. Unfortunately also seems to run very large very illegal operations under that facade.
  • Orin – One of the world superpower countries, far to the north of Malsa. One of the larger countries, it notoriously aggressive, and more direct in its international involvement, though it would claim most recorded incidents the actions of rogue splinter factions.
  • Arpon – A neighboring country to Malsa; less prosperous, though also rising in prosperity.


Kor’s World

Called as such by the IDS. They have very advanced technology, and very advanced magical integration to it. Especially where warfare is concerned.

Their native language is unknown, but they can primitively communicate if they want to (likely through a digital translation of some sort). They rarely want to.


Other Worlds

There is rumored to be another civilized world the IDS has contact with. It’s a far more tightly controlled subject, and little is known about it at this point.

It’s also known that there are some other worlds the IDS has discovered that they list as ‘uninhabited/no civilization’. If the “/” represents an “and” or an “or” is the topic of some debate. Of these, one of them has a lot more red underlines on the standard “All Attempts To Travel To Dimension Are Forbidden” notation; roughly as many as are the file for Kor’s World. This has raised some eyebrows.