Tom: An IDS Agent. He always carries a strange crowbar. By his appearance he seems to have been living in a boxcar or something.








Nathan Summers: An IDS Special Agent. A bit of legend, he is always on mysterious errands. No one is even quite sure who sends him on them or what he does, but damn does he do it well. Apparently.

Nathan is a member of the Ervon Magical Society, and, though frequently considered a bit of a ‘ruffian’, well respected. He is frequently charged with enforcing their rules, something that typically overlaps with his role in the IDS.

He wields a legendary artifact called “Ka’vil”, and is the older brother of Kallisto Summers.






Emmi Esk: An IDS Enforcement Agent, as well as the captain of the Criminal Investigations covert ops unit. She’s been assigned to Arron’s department for quite some time, and thus was very familiar with Peter. While she is several years senior to Kally, she considers the younger agent her friend. She frequently serves as Arron’s second in command and chief in group field operations.






Mione: Tyler’s self-appointed bodyguard, she is a cheerful if somewhat rowdy girl, who rarely takes things too seriously unless her colleagues are in danger. Unusually competent in the physical aspects of combat with high defenses, she serves as the front line of the Magical Security Bureau. Fairly clever, but tends to not get carried away with thinking things through beyond idle musing.




Maia Ethi: A short, rarely smiling woman.








Magnolia Dai: A tall, smiling woman.






Marc Idunni: Suspicious and quick to anger, he generally looks stern, sometimes angry.








LisaSketchAprilLisa: A green haired friend of Naomi’s. She knows Naomi from past terms when they went to school together; she seems to take her more energic friend’s tendencies and declarations in-stride. Whether this stems from not taking her seriously or from taking her seriously remains unknown.

Naomi suspect’s that she’s in somewhat involved with the Magical Security Bureua or another organization, but does not seem the least perturbed be this, still inviting Lisa to come along.


ArkdaySketchAprilArkady: A member of a ‘Family’ line; a remnant of the aristocracy of Malsa. While his status no longer signifies any explicit politic authority, Family lines tend to wield some level of wealth and authority.

He tends to show his rather traditional mannerisms, but is otherwise quite easy going and friendly.

Naomi suspects he reports to Bureau or another government agency, likely due to the tendency of Family lines to be integrated with the government.





CaoSketchAprilChief Cao: Works for the Bureau. Is very probably the Chief of something. Is Tyler’s sorta boss.







GateSketchAprilGate: The casual observer of Mir’s lab would think that he was an eternally slacking employee that appeared to badly need sleep. And may be dying of the plague. Further examination would reveal that he rarely leaves the lab, never sleeps, and actually does more work than anyone else in the lab, despite rarely using an input.

Most people conclude that he’s a fully integrated cyborg, and one of Mir’s early attempts to create a prototype, before she turned to the F-series chassis or whatever she’s done to herself. Whatever he is, he stays alive. Barely.


JayceSketchAprilJayce Myer: A field agent for Avon who has been around the block. Though his name doesn’t appear on the any of the “worlds most talented” in his line work those names tend to line up with “world’s most wanted”, so that may not be an accident. Many field agents from all lines of work respect that he is a dangerous and savvy opponent, and steer clear when they can. Though an adept natural mage, he embraces new autocaster technology for maximum advantage.





SariaSketchAprilSaria: Ryn’s minion/secretary. He seems to trust her to follow vague and dangerous directions with discretion. She is fastidious, diligent and rule oriented.






NickSketchAprilNick Otte: An IDS Special Agent who operates on behalf of headquarters. He is diligent and zealous in his adherence to the chain of command – unfortunately for anyone outside of headquarters, he has little problem reminding them that, who ever you are, IDS Headquarters outranks you. He takes pride in being named a Special Agent and uses the authority it bears without regard for tact or diplomacy. His father is Nelson Otte, one of the Directors of IDS Headquarters.













Atter Ark’vast: Few know Atter’s origin or history, most just know him as the person that does the dirty work Director Sophie of Situation Containment needs done. A person quietly disposed of, or company loudly and pointedly smashed to pieces. The only real consistent piece is usually people end up dead. He wields powerful magic, and more powerful still Ethereal Constructs.

He has an long running rivalry with Nathan Summers, which has slowly veered into true mutual contempt over the years due to radically different philosophical views on mass murder.