We continue our comic-a-day. There is a new vote incentive, check it out! And it’s not even a super lazy one this time! πŸ˜€ A new vote incentive every day? Will the insanity never end?

I’m pretty sure Naomi doesn’t quite understand the word “veto”. I’m not convinced you can “veto” someone deciding “not” to do something. Either way, Peter doesn’t seem to be inclined to debate the point.

Lets play a game! The name of the game is bribery! For every ten comics you (the reader out there) comment on (including and after this one!) I’ll take an art request from you! Art can be a) Character from this comic, b) Fan art for another webcomic, comic, or video game. Offer ends come July (for those counting, at 3 comics (counting this one left this week) and the normal rate of 3 comics a week, that’s 13 comics left… a pretty daunting task to get 10 of them! Of course, if we have Patreon bonus comics or I continue 5 comics a week next week, maybe a bit easier!

In addition, for the time being I’m just leaving the Patreon incentive up (usually I only run it at the end of the month) – if we get a new Patreon, the comic updates an extra time! If you like getting art, Patreon is a pretty easy to request it! πŸ˜€

In other news I had my second post-surgery visit with doctors, and while still a little over two weeks from starting physical therapy (god damn this stuff takes a long time apparently) am finally sling free! This may be related to the drastic upswing in art quantity! Just maybe! Apparently Jury duty wasn’t done with me after all – gotta go in again next week. We’ll see how that plays out. I doubt they’ll pick me anyway, but never know. Even if they do I don’t see it disrupting the 3 a week schedule in the short term.