Yes… I introduced three more characters. Well. Technically four, I suppose. Five if we count the portrait? I don’t know the consul counts, because she’s been referenced before. People on Patreon will probably have seen various iterations of these characters for awhile… now you know who those people are!

The consul is a character that I’ve largely sidelined; early on I sort of assumed she’d be about on the same level as Tyler or Arron in terms of PoV time. But, despite what you may be lead to believe, I do try to retain the tiniest bit of focus! Like Ryn, she’s a character that will show more though going forward, as we get to her plot arcs, but, like Tyler, is more the main character in another story than a main character in this one, hers just occasionally overlaps with this one.

Malsa politics are too complicated for me to get in here, but we’ve seen some references here and there that there was a ruling Aristocracy that for reasons not entirely clear or revealed stepped aside, but generally remain de facto in control of the military, due the fact that a large percentage of the Aristocracy are powerful mages. The Aristocracy are usually called the Families, and tend to, like Designer Children, have more colorful appearances. I have some sort of suspicion that is not entirely a coincidence, but what would I know?

Anyway, been a rough week for work, and now we have a new Mass Effect game just sitting there needing to be played (it is really not helping comic drawing time or (mostly) sleep time…). It’s gotten mediocre reviews, but I really like it. It’s definitely less polished than some, but hey, I’m not one to talk about graphical polish in entertainment 😉 anyway. PastUtopia’s reivew -> Do like. Is good. Has a nifty AI in (better than Mass Effect 3’s by a mile so far in terms of how it handles AI). Has lots of cool space things. Dialogue can be stilted, animations are dubious. Feels like it isn’t quite finish, but is a good mix between sandbox and linear, sort of like… a really really wide railroad. Hey. I’m tired. Don’t expect eloquence. Better than I could do. 85/100.

Now I have to decide if I want to a) do more work. b) play mass effect. c) go to sleep. Option C is definitely the right choice. But right choices are hard.