Miko“: A talented computer ‘security and data specialist’. Very poorly socialized, and may bite. Frequently elaborates the flaws of vexing strangers. Does not enjoy the out of doors.

Finds Naomi vexing. Follows Peter directions, but requires bribing to go outside or deal with people. Talks to Mium almost constantly. Is highly possessive of Mium and annoyed when he behaves strangely.






Amy Selah: A competent mage who serves as Tyler’s assistant and nominal second in the MSB, she is quick to judgement and easily irritated, but dutiful and competent in both her role in the MSB and as a mage. Though lacking in impressive power, she is known to work hard and research extensively to keep her place at the top of the class.





Ikirium Avon:
 CEO of Avon Industries after inheriting the company when his mother went missing. His only focus is continuing the projects his mother started, tending to neglect the business end of running a major corporation. Some object that the position of CEO isn’t inherited, but the members of the board all mysteriously insist.









Dr. Mir: The head of research for one of Avon’s main “red column” (as Ryn calls it) research divisions. Was previously less robot-looking.
















RovakSketchAprilRovak Stas: An affable and friendly red eyed man. The easy going nature is somewhat tarnished by his tendency to blow things up. While some may see blowing things up as the work of a psychopath, he is quick to assure you he is, in fact, a good guy. It says so on his business card.

He treats life very casually, a trait which may stem from the fact that he seems to posses some sort of regenerative ability verging on immortality.





Kyle Kepler: Arron’s brother. A member of The Civil Service.







TamaraSketchApril???: A hacker of unknown affiliation. Looking for ‘an annoying bastard’. Seems to prefer not leaving her house. Does not appear that she sleeps very often. Speaks softly and without much inflection.